Kurdamir District

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Kurdamir District
Kürdəmir Rayonu
Map of Azerbaijan showing Kurdamir District
Map of Azerbaijan showing Kurdamir District
Coordinates: 39°12′58″N 45°24′38″E / 39.21611°N 45.41056°E / 39.21611; 45.41056
Country  Azerbaijan
Capital Kurdamir
 • Mayor Jeyhun Jafarov
 • Total 1,631 km2 (630 sq mi)
Population (2011)[3]
 • Total 106,128
Demonym(s) Kurdamiri(s)
(Azerbaijani: Kürdəmirli(lər))
Time zone GMT+4 (UTC+4)
Telephone code (+994) 20[4]
Vehicle registration 33 AZ
Website http://www.kurdemir-ih.gov.az

Kurdamir (Azerbaijani Kürdəmir) is an administrative district (a 'rayon') in Azerbaijan. The capital of the district is Kurdamir.


Total area of the rayon is 1631.5 km2. It borders upon Agsu Rayon, Goychay Rayon, Ujar Rayon, Imishli Rayon, Sabirabad Rayon, Hajigabul Rayon and Zardab Rayon.

Kurdamir Rayon is located in the north-west from Baku, in Shirvan – historical oblast of Azerbaijan. It has a steppe climate. Its fauna is diverse – wild boars, wolves, foxes, jackals, pheasants, francolins, wild ducks and geese can be found here. The rayon is famed for its vineyards and “Shirvashahli” is its most popular sort of vine. Kurdamir Rayon also fames for its carpet weaving traditions. “Shilyan” is the most popular type of local carpets in the world market. These carpets are woven in a village of the same name, which is not far from Kurdamir.[5]


Kurdamir Rayon was founded in 1930.

It is assumed that the name of Kurdamir is originated from “Kur” (Kura river) and “Damir” (iron) words.[6]

General information[edit]

Total area of the rayon is equal to 163151 ha, which occupies 1,9% of the country’s territory. The rayon consists of 23 administrative units, 1 city, 2 settlements and 61 municipalities.

Its altitude is 200 meters, average annual temperature is 17,18°C, average annual amount of precipitation is equal to 250–300 mm and arid subtropical climate prevails in the rayon.[7]


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Coordinates: 40°20′24″N 48°09′36″E / 40.34000°N 48.16000°E / 40.34000; 48.16000