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Regions with significant populations
Iran (West Azerbaijan), Turkey (Van)
Azerbaijani,[1] Turkish, Kurdish[2]
Sunni Islam (Shafi'i)

Küresünni are an ethnic group of Turkic people who settle in the territory of former Salmas County, Urmia County, Khoy County, Maku County in Iran and Van Province in Turkey. It is believed that they descend from Chepni tribesmen who were settled in the region by the Ottoman Empire to serve against the Qizilbash. Küresünni, from the Shafi'i madh'hab, continue to be fervent Sunnis. In the southwest of Khoy, there are Kurdicized[2] groups of Küresünni Turks.

Following their conflict with Kurdish leader Simko Shikak in 1921, a group of Küresünni took refuge in Van Province of Turkey.[3]


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