Kārlis Baumanis

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Kārlis Baumanis depicted on
2010 Latvian postage stamp

Kārlis Baumanis (11 May 1835 – 10 January 1905), better known as Baumaņu Kārlis, was an ethnic Latvian composer in the Russian Empire. He is the author of the lyrics and music of Dievs, svētī Latviju! (“God bless Latvia!”), the national anthem of Latvia.

Kārlis Baumanis was the first composer to use the word “Latvia” in the lyrics of a song, in the 19th century, when Latvia was still a part of the Russian Empire.


Kārlis Baumanis was born on 11 May 1835, in Viļķene (Wilkenhof). He created the Latvian national anthem "God bless Latvia" in 1870. He lived and worked in Limbaži (Lemsal) as a teacher and a journalist. Kārlis Baumanis died on 10 January 1905, in Limbaži at the age of 69.