Kızılay, Ankara

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Kızılay Square during the 2013 protests
Güven Park, 2006

Kızılay is a neighbourhood in Ankara, mostly known for its trading and shopping centers. It is named after Kızılay Derneği (Turkish Red Crescent) hospital which is located in this district.[1] Its centre is Kızılay Square.

There are also many retail shops and small grocery stores along the main road. There is a large area of restaurants and bars with outdoor seating, together with a number of popular fish markets and restaurants, as well as an outdoor flower market.

Güven Park in Kızılay has many trees and benches, while a train station and a large bus station nearby provides easy access to other parts of the city.


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Coordinates: 39°55′N 32°51′E / 39.917°N 32.850°E / 39.917; 32.850