Kōdo Station (Kyoto)

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Coordinates: 34°48′30″N 135°46′43″E / 34.80833°N 135.77861°E / 34.80833; 135.77861

Station building

Kōdo Station (興戸駅 Kōdo Eki?) is a train station located in Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan. The station is served by Kintetsu Kyoto Line. It is one of the nearby stations of Kyotanabe Campus of Doshisha University.

The station opened on July 5, 1954.



The station has two platforms serving two tracks.


1  Kyoto Line (Kintetsu) Southbound (For Yamato-Saidaiji, Nara, Tenri and Kashiharajingū-mae)
2  Kyoto Line (Kintetsu) Northbound (For Shin-Tanabe, Tambabashi, Takeda and Kyoto)

Adjacent stations[edit]

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Kyoto Line (Kintetsu)
Express (except below): Does not stop at this station
Shin-Tanabe   Express (From Kyoto bound for Miyazu)   Miyamaki
Shin-Tanabe   Local   Miyamaki