Kōfu Station

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Kōfu Station
Eclan building at the south side of the station
Location 1-8, Marunouchi 1-chome, Kōfu, Yamanashi
Coordinates 35°40′02″N 138°34′08″E / 35.6671593°N 138.569001°E / 35.6671593; 138.569001Coordinates: 35°40′02″N 138°34′08″E / 35.6671593°N 138.569001°E / 35.6671593; 138.569001
Operated by East Japan Railway Company
  • Bus terminal
Opened 1903
Passengers ([1]) 14,496 daily

Kōfu Station (甲府駅?, Kōfu-eki) is the central railway station managed by East Japan Railway Company (JR East), in the city of Kōfu, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan.



The station has two island platforms. The southern one has one pass-through track (No. 1) for the Chūō Main Line and two dead-end tracks (Nos. 5, 6) for Minobu Line. The northern platform with two tracks (Nos. 2, 3) is exclusive for Chūō Main Line. There is no passenger track numbered 4.

The ticket offices and gates are located on a bridge over the tracks.

1 Chūō Main Line (down) for Nirasaki, Kobuchizawa, Kami-Suwa and Matsumoto
2 Chūō Main Line (up) for Enzan, Ōtsuki, Hachiōji and Shinjuku
3 Chūō Main Line sidetrack
5・6 Minobu Line for Kajikazawaguchi, Minobu and Fuji


  • 1903-06-11 – Extension of government railway (later named Chūō Main Line) from Hajikano Station (now Kai-Yamato Station) to Kōfu Station, opening of the station
  • 1903-12-15 – Extension from Kōfu Station to Nirasaki Station
  • 1928-03-30 – Extension of Fuji Minobu Railway from Ichikawa-Daimon Station to Kōfu Station
  • 1938-10-01 – Beginning of consigned operation by government railway of Fuji Minobu Railway
  • 1941-05-01 – Nationalization of Fuji Minobu Railway as Minobu Line of government railway
  • 1984-02-01 – End of freight service


Kōfu Station is located in the heart of Kofu City. nearby places:

Adjacent stations[edit]

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  1. ^ Average number of boarding passengers in fiscal 2007 according to JR East statistics

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