Kōmyōike Station

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Kōmyōike Station
Komyoike Station 01.jpg
Ticket gates
Prefecture Osaka
(See other stations in Osaka)
City Sakai
Ward Minami
Neighborhood 1-1, Shinhinoodai 2-chō
Postal code 590-0143
Address in Japanese 堺市南区新檜尾台二丁1-1
Coordinates 34°28′29″N 135°28′32″E / 34.474694°N 135.4755°E / 34.474694; 135.4755Coordinates: 34°28′29″N 135°28′32″E / 34.474694°N 135.4755°E / 34.474694; 135.4755
Opened 1977
Rail services
Station number(s) SB05
Operator(s) Semboku Rapid Railway Co., Ltd.
Line(s) Semboku Rapid Railway
Statistics 34,897 passengers/day 2008
Bus Major bus terminal(s) attached to the station

Kōmyōike Station (光明池駅 Kōmyōike eki?, station number: SB05) is a train station on the Semboku Rapid Railway located in Minami-ku, Sakai, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

Nearby are Semboku Memorial Hall, Mitami Shrine, Spa Refre, a bookstore, Kamotani Park, Mikita Middle School, Mikita High School, department stores, and residential areas. It is named for Kōmyōike Pond, an artificial lake that dates from 1936 and is itself named for Empress Kōmyō. A small monument at the lake commemorates the work of the Korean laborers who constructed it.


There is an island platform with two tracks between Osaka Prefectural Route 38.

1  Semboku Rapid Railway to Izumi-Chūō
2  Semboku Rapid Railway for Nakamozu and (Nankai Railway Koya Line) Namba

Stations next to Kōmyōike[edit]

« Service »
Semboku Rapid Railway (SB05)
Toga-Mikita (SB04)   Local (各駅停車)   Izumi-Chūō (SB06)
Toga-Mikita (SB04)   Semi-Express   Izumi-Chūō (SB06)
Toga-Mikita (SB04)   Sub. Express
(running only for Namba in the morning on weekdays)
  Izumi-Chūō (SB06)

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