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For other uses, see Koshien.
98 Koshien.jpg
Cover art of 98 Kōshien, the second title for the PlayStation
Genres Sports (baseball)
Developers Affect?
Magical Company (Mahou)
Publishers K Amusement Leasing
Magical Company (Mahou)

Kōshien (甲子園?) is a series of Japan-exclusive High school baseball-themed video games. The first two titles were released by K Amusement Leasing for the Family Computer and Super Famicom, while the others were released by Magical Company (also known as Mahou). The characters are based on real athletes.


The following is a list of games released in the series.

Japanese Title English Title System Year
甲子園 Kōshien Family Computer October 6, 1989
甲子園2 Kōshien 2 Super Famicom June 26, 1992
甲子園3 Kōshien 3 Super Famicom July 29, 1994
甲子園4 Kōshien 4 Super Famicom July 14, 1995
甲子園V Kōshien V PlayStation May 16, 1997
'98甲子園 98 Kōshien PlayStation June 18, 1998
'99甲子園 99 Kōshien PlayStation June 17, 1999
激突甲子園 Gekitotsu Kōshien Sega Saturn August 1, 1997
甲子園ポケット Kōshien Pocket Game Boy Color March 12, 1999
マジカルスポーツ 2000甲子園 Magical Sports 2000 Kōshien PlayStation 2 August 10, 2000
マジカルスポーツ 2001甲子園 Magical Sports 2001 Kōshien [a] PlayStation 2 May 31, 2001
甲子園 紺碧の空 Kōshien: Konpeki no Sora PlayStation 2 February 14, 2002
甲子園 Kōshien [b] Mobile phone 2005

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