Kőbánya–Kispest (Budapest Metro)

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Budapest Metro station
Coordinates47°27′48″N 19°08′57″E / 47.46333°N 19.14917°E / 47.46333; 19.14917Coordinates: 47°27′48″N 19°08′57″E / 47.46333°N 19.14917°E / 47.46333; 19.14917
Platforms1 island platform
Structure typesurface terminus
Opened29 March 1980[1]
Preceding station   Budapest Metro   Following station
TerminusLine 3

Kőbánya-Kispest is the southern terminus of the M3 Line (North-South line) of the Budapest Metro. It is the only station of the line that is above ground.

The metro station is named after the train station next to the terminal, which lies on the border of the districts Kőbánya and Kispest. It is also a suburban bus terminal and a changing place of several city bus lines (68, 85, 85E, 93, 93A, 98, 98E, 136E, 148, 151, 182, 184, 193E, 200E - this run from here to Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport, 201E, 202E, 282E, 284E), making it the largest public transport hub in Southern-Pest. Hungarian people sometimes call this station Köki, which is short for bánya-Kispest. Next to the station, there is a huge housing estate with concrete block of flats (Kispest microdistrict) and a shopping mall, named Köki Terminál. Bust of Ferenc Puskás is placed next to the shopping mall.


  • Bus: 68, 85, 85E, 93, 93A, 98, 98E, 136E, 148, 151, 182, 184, 193E, 200E, 201E, 202E, 282E, 284E
  • Regional bus: 575, 576, 577, 580, 581


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