Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area

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CHKO Křivoklátsko
Týřov (CZE) - viwe at the reserve from Skryje.jpg
Týřov reserve in central Křivoklátsko
CHKO Křivoklátsko (CZE) - location map.svg
Location of CHKO Křivoklátsko in the Czech Republic
LocationCzech Republic
Area628 km2 (242 sq mi)
OperatorSpráva CHKO Křivoklátsko
Křivoklátsko forest in central Bohemia

Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area (Czech: Chráněná krajinná oblast Křivoklátsko, usually abbreviated as CHKO Křivoklátsko) is a Landscape Protected Area in the Czech Republic. It lies in the western part of the Central Bohemian Region and a small part of the north-eastern Pilsen Region. Most of the area belongs to the highlands of the Křivoklátská vrchovina and lies on both banks of the Berounka river.

CHKO Křivoklátsko was declared in 1978 to protect a unique area with a mosaic of species rich habitats, mainly large stretches of broadleaf Central European temperate forests. Due to this fact the area was included among the UNESCO Biosphere reserves a year prior to being declared a Protected Landscape Area, in 1977. There are many other habitats, such as dry rock steppes covering the tops of some hills. The area is also notable for its diverse geology, mainly Proterozoic volcanic rocks and Cambrian fossil-rich slates around the village of Skryje, which were made famous by Joachim Barrande. CHKO Křivoklátsko covers an area of 628 km2 (242 sq mi).

The fact that such well-preserved landscape lies very close to the Czech capital Prague is due to Křivoklátsko having been the hunting area of Czech kings and princes since the Middle Ages. The Landscape Protected Area is named after the Křivoklát castle in the northern part of Křivoklátsko.


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Coordinates: 49°57′32″N 13°52′50″E / 49.95889°N 13.88056°E / 49.95889; 13.88056