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The three different ways that rods join with connectors.

The K'Nex construction toy originally consisted of 19 different interlocking K'NEX pieces of two types, positives and negatives and neutrals.[1] Snapping rods into connectors is the basis of building structures out of K'NEX. The majority of inflexible K'Nex pieces are made out of Celcon (Polyoxymethylene) plastic.[2] This page lists the most common pieces that have been introduced since the first K'Nex release in 1992.


Connectors are various shapes and colors, with each color of connector having a different number of slots for rods. Some connectors, such as violet and blue connectors, have slots that allow them to interlock with each other and form three-dimensional bases to snap rods into.

Some specific types of connectors include:

  • Ladder connectors
  • Connectors that span various degrees (45, 90, 135, 180 and 360)
  • Tabbed connectors, used to connect tubing on the K'nex Original Roller Coaster, Big Ball Factory, Trampoline Tower and Big Air Ball Tower, among others
  • 3D connectors
  • Light Module connectors, used in the Light Ups 30 Model Building set

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Rods and connectors work together to make stable 2-D shapes. Standard rod lengths allow right triangles to be easily constructed.

Rods come in several lengths, styles, and colors, but all are the same width, 14", to snap in to connectors.

  • Standard rods are straight and mostly inflexible, with lengths ranging from 34" to 712"
  • Light-up rods are also inflexible and come in two lengths: 518" and 712"
  • Flexi-rods are bendable and come in various lengths

Other pieces[edit]

Many K'NEX sets also have special pieces, as seen above.[3] These pieces typically are used in the construction of the specific model in the instructions of the set, and are not found in every set.

  • Spacers
  • Gears
  • Panels
  • Locks
  • Ball Joints
  • Ball Sockets
  • Hinges
  • Motors (various types, which run on either electricity or solar power)
  • Tracks (for construction of roller coasters)
  • Tubing
  • Boosters (found in K'nex Lava Launch Coaster)
  • Trains
  • Pulleys
  • Tires
  • Wheels
  • Toy gun parts (for k force)

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