K-1 Grand Prix '99 Final Round

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K-1 Grand Prix '99 Final Round
DateDecember 5, 1999
VenueTokyo Dome
CityJapan Tokyo, Japan
Event chronology
K-1 World Grand Prix '99 Opening Round K-1 Grand Prix '99 Final Round K-1 Rising 2000

K-1 Grand Prix '99 Final Round was a martial arts event promoted by the K-1 organization. It was the seventh K-1 World Grand Prix final involving eight of the world's best fighters, with all bouts fought under K-1 Rules. The eight finalists had all qualified via elimination fights at the K-1 World Grand Prix '99 Opening Round. Also on the card was a number of 'Freshman Fights' and an 'Opening Fight' fought under a mixture of Jiu-Jitsu and K-1 Rules (various weight class) and two 'Super Fights' fought under K-1 Rules (various weight classes). In total there were twenty fighters at the event, representing eight countries.

The tournament winner was Ernesto Hoost who defeated Mirko Cro Cop in the final by third round knockout. This victory was Hoost's second of four K-1 Grand Prix wins, while Cro Cop was making his first and penultimate K-1 Grand Prix Final appearance before winning it 14 years later. He would later branch out to a successful career in MMA in Pride. The event was held at the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday, December 5, 1999 in front of a huge crowd of 58,200 spectators.

K-1 Grand Prix '99 Final Round Tournament[edit]

K-1 World Grand Prix '99 Opening Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
New Zealand Ray Sefo KO
Morocco Samir Benazzouz
New Zealand Ray Sefo
Australia Sam Greco DEC
Australia Sam Greco DEC
Germany Stefan Leko
Australia Sam Greco
Croatia Mirko Cro Cop TKO
Japan Masaaki Satake
Japan Musashi DEC
Japan Musashi
Croatia Mirko Cro Cop KO
South Africa Mike Bernardo
Croatia Mirko Cro Cop KO
Croatia Mirko Cro Cop
Netherlands Ernesto Hoost KO
Switzerland Andy Hug KO
Japan Hiromi Amada
Switzerland Andy Hug
Netherlands Ernesto Hoost DEC
Netherlands Ernesto Hoost DEC
Switzerland Xhavit Bajrami
Netherlands Ernesto Hoost KO
France Jérôme Le Banner
Netherlands Peter Aerts DEC
Netherlands Lloyd van Dams
Netherlands Peter Aerts
France Jérôme Le Banner KO
France Jérôme Le Banner KO
England Matt Skelton


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