Yamaha '28' series

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The 28 Series is a line of home stereo system components manufactured by Yamaha. The 28 series consosted of the A-28 amplifier, K-28 cassette deck, T-28 tuner, and P-28 turntable. All components in this series have a black high-gloss finish, and aluminium cases.

A-28 amplifier[edit]

The Yamaha A-28 stereo control amplifier is a 100-watt integrated amplifier that was sold with the 28 Series of stereo components in 1986. It is a pretty basic amplifier having a seven-band graphic equalizer, four inputs and a tape monitor, variable loudness, and large, centrally-located vertical red LED power meters. The A-28 is among the last amplifiers built by Yamaha that lack remote control capability. Like all of the 28 series units, it has a black face and black aluminum case.

K-28 cassette deck[edit]

The K-28 stereo double cassette deck was part of the 28 Series Yamaha produced in 1986. It was equipped with Dolby B noise reduction, tape-to-tape and source-to-tape dubbing, recording level controls, a tape counter for Deck A, and horizontal centrally-located duo-color LED VU Meters. An important feature of the K-28 was its fully servo-controlled transport mechanisms, which were ahead of their time.

T-28 tuner[edit]

The T-28 is a digital tuner manufactured by Yamaha as a part of the 28 Series lineup of separates. It is a mostly straightforward unit with 16 AM/FM combinable presets, signal strength meter, and a red backlit LCD display. The T-28 can accept either 75-ohm coaxial or 300-ohm wire antennas.

P-28 turntable[edit]

The P-28 is a simply-built belt drive two-speed semi-automatic turntable that sits atop the 28 Series lineup of component units. It is capable of playing 3313 and 45 RPM records and requires a spindle adapter to play the latter. The P-28 features a silicone drive belt that lasts much longer than ordinary black rubber belts, but is still prone to over-stretching.