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K-Paz de la Sierra is a musical band of the Duranguense genre, of Mexican nationality that was formed in Chicago, Illinois. The group was formed in December 2002 by Sergio Gomez Sanchez and some members of the Grupo Montéz de Durango exit (Armando Rodriguez and Rafael Solis).

It was in the town of Bencenville, a few minutes from Chicago, where Sergio Gómez met Armando Rodríguez and Rafael Solís, who invited him to form a musical group to perform covers of hits from groups such as Los Yonic's, Los Bukis, The Daredevils, among others, but with the style and rhythm of the so-called Duranguense genre. This musical project began in the basement of the house of Armando and Rafael, along with Sergio who at that time worked in a 'light club' and other groups of the Durango genre as sound engineer and there was born the project called K- PAZ DE LA SIERRA " K-Paz de la Sierra was well known in the United States in just the first two months of his debut. The company PROCAN Disa Records was the main speaker of the group. (More info at www.kpazdelasierra.tk)

Band members[edit]

  • Jesus Morales
  • Luis Guadarrama
  • Jorge Garduño
  • Gabriel Guadarrama
  • Frank Sanchez
  • Jesus Donjuan

Former members[edit]

Oscar Ledezma Gerardo Ramirez Luis Dias Humberto Duran Armando Rodriguez Carmelo Gamboa Luis Corral Luis Garcia Alfredo Hernandez Rafael Solis Yair Loredo Luis Vidales


La Autoridad de la Sierra[edit]

In October 2004, following their second album, Pensando En Ti, four original members: Jair Loredo, Oscar Zepeda, Simon Valtierrez, and Jose Luis Corral, left to form La Autoridad De La Sierra Along Arturo Palomar, Juan Soberanis and Pedro Vargas. Jair Loredo returned to K-paz in 2007. Pedro (piko) Garcia replaced him in drums


On May 28, 2007, following ongoing disputes with former lead singer Sergio Gómez, seven long-time members of the group left to form AK-7,[1] which stands for "Antes K-paz", which translates literally to "Before K-paz" signaling that they were once K-paz. The 7 refers to the number of members who left K-paz.

Majestad de la Sierra[edit]

In the middle of 2008, five members separated and created a new musical group also of the Duranguense genre with the name of Majesty De La Sierra. The third separation originated in a conflict with Juán Gómez brother of the deceased Sergio Gómez and with Humberto Duran, because the latter canceled the recording of an album in Monterrey.

On January 29, 2009, K-Paz presented new members under the direction of Juan Gómez (brother of the deceased vocalist) Kompendo de la Sierra:

- Miguel Galindo: First Voice

- Luis Eduardo Guadarrama: Second Voice

- Sergio Caballero: Keyboards and Musical Director

- Gabriel Guadarrama: Keyboards

- Fernando del Vale: Tuba Eléctrica

- Juan Gómez: Tambora

- Jorge Muñoz: Tuba Eléctrica

- Jahir Loredo: Battery

With a new image, a new voice, but with a stronger name than ever, K-PAZ DE LA SIERRA, after his great success of "Como un Tatuage", managed to get back on top of success and popularity, remaining when They released their second single to the radio, called "I'd like to be an idiot", which managed to be screened throughout the country and the American Union.

The album As a tattoo, led them to be nominated for the OYE Awards! 2009, as Best Grupo Banda Duranguense, and subsequently to the Premio Lo Nuestro 2010 in the category of Duranguense Artist of the Year.

And it is also in 2010, that K-PAZ DE LA SIERRA launches a third promotional cut, this is Armando Manzanero's classic "Adoro", a duo with Lupe Esparza, the singer of Bronco El Gigante de América, in a vibrant Duranguense version.

K-Paz de la Sierra continues forward. Because the success of the group has not been even a simple fashion, and the proof of it is shown in countries like Mexico, the United States, Spain, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. K-Paz de la Sierra is a concrete phenomenon, of which only appear each time, and proof of them was their participation in the recording of the song and the classic video of Michael Jackson "We are the world", which in its Spanish version ( "We are the world") was designed and produced by Emilio Estefan, who extended the invitation to the group so that part of this project to help Haiti, for the earthquake suffered.

"For life" is the new title of the album of K-Paz de la Sierra, and also the phrase that carries the banner with his desire that his music last forever in the minds and hearts of the public that the has followed during his years of trajectory.

In this album K-Paz de la Sierra includes in its total unreleased tracks, one of them being the one that has been released as the first single and that is entitled "Ni se se ocurra". duet included in the production. But this one was special, since it was recorded next to Mr. Sergio Vega "el Shaka", thus being the last musical recording made by the singer of the band before his death.

This album has 10 songs that allow you to listen to songs by the composers of the likes of Horacio Palencia, Claudia Brant, Edgar Cortázar, Oswaldo Villarreal and Aaron Martínez, Sergio Caballero and Jair Loredo. From this album comes the second single titled "Me Tienes Embrujado", authored by Sergio Caballero and Jair Loredo. Reaching the first places of popularity in Mexico and the United States.

Now the Group is preparing Dos Mega Producciones, their new Disco album, which can already be heard a super theme that was made with the Chinese and Nacho Artists, the theme taken by title "The Poet" that will be added to the new album as bonus track. Adding the Celebration of its Tenth Anniversary, which was celebrated in December 2012. They anticipated that they would do a compilation of performances by Sergio Gómez, where they would be singing through the screens Together with K-paz De La Sierra That Great Night. This celebration is for the public that saw the birth of this Association.

Felicitas, widow of Gómez[edit]

In 2011, K-Paz De La Sierra suffers a further break from his disciples Juan Gómez and Miguel Galindo due to mismanagement of the group.

In 2012 the group suffered another collapse, leaving their archives, Sergio Caballero (keyboardist) and Jair Loredo (drummer) for alleged salary debit by Felicitas. In October 2012 the group of Felicitas, launched "El Fuerte" and for May 2014 launched "En Esta Cantina".

K-Paz de la Sierra 2016 to the present[edit]

In April 2016 the lawsuit for the name of K-Paz De La Sierra came to an end, Sergio Gómez's widow, Felicitas Gómez, won, even with threats that Juan Gómez could go to jail, also in mid-2016 Sergio Caballero returns to the ranks of K-Paz de la Sierra.

Jesus Morales, first voice of K-Paz de la Sierra

At the moment the group prepares its new record production for October of this 2016 called "Indestructible", same that will count on subjects of Horacio Palencia (Let's Change the Deal), Luciano Moon (Him Atine), Gabriel Flowers (Who Invento the Love), Cecilia Cádiz / Pablo Castro (To Amarte) and Sergio Caballero (Indestructible) theme that emerges as the first single. After the lawsuit the official alignment of K-Paz de la Sierra was as follows:

 -  Jesus Morales: First voice
 -  Luis Eduardo Guadarrama: Second voice
 -  Jorge Garduño: Electric Tuba
 -  Gabriel Guadarrama: Keyboards
 -  Romelio Crespo: Tambora
 -  Frank Sánchez: Battery

During 2017 K-Paz De La Sierra has been touring throughout the United States and Mexico, making known who they are and have always been, although they wage a battle against ex-member Juan Gómez, who continues to use the name of K-Paz De La Sierra illegally in other countries of Central and South America deceiving the faithful followers of this group. Its members always invite businessmen not to be cheated or cheated by these apróficos groups that only hurt the fans of K-Paz De La Sierra.


Currently the group conducts international tours in Central America with resounding success in Guatemala, along with the resounding success it had in his first visit to Colombia, where his fans sang all the repertoire of the group without losing the smallest detail.