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K-pop Cover Dance Festival is an international amateur dance competition, organised with the support of the South-Korean television network MBC.[1] The contestants perform dance covers of K-pop songs, i.e. imitate choreography performed by K-pop artists.[2]

Selection process[edit]

In order to participate, all competitors must film their dance routines on video and submit the videos online. All videos go through an online selection process and the best contenders earn the right to compete live in local selection contests in their respective countries. The winners of the local rounds are invited to Korea where the final round takes place.[3][4][1][2]

Popularity and number of participants[edit]

In 2011, over 1,700 contenders from 64 countries submitted their dance videos. 66 contestants were selected to go to South Korea to participate in the final.[2]


Year (A.D.) Prize Nation Team Show Artist
2015 2 Japan QieeN Only U Miss A
2015 3 Philippines CYPHER SHAKE IT Dance SISTAR
2014 1 Japan QieeN Pitapat BESTie
2014 2 Thailand STATIONS 5 - GOT7
2014 Popularity Award Hong Kong MS.ECHO Flashback After School
2013 1 Thailand Millennium Boy Growl EXO
2013 2 Japan Afro Girls Crayon Pop Girl's Day
2013 3 South Korea First One - -
2012 1 Thailand Lollipop CZ Fantastic Baby Bigbang
2012 2 Japan にゃいにぃ 줄리엣 SHINee
2012 3 Nigeria Elevatorz Again & Again 2PM
2011 1 Russian Federation Febris Erotica Shock BEAST
2011 2 Japan KOTORIP 내가 제일 잘나가 2NE1
2011 3 Thailand Next School Bang After School


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