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Kilari Anand Paul
K A Paul.JPG
K.A. Paul
Born (1963-09-25) 25 September 1963 (age 53)
Andhra Pradesh, India,
Occupation Evangelist
Spouse(s) Mary
Children Grace, Peace and John Paul
Parent(s) K.Barnabas

Kilari Anand Paul is a Christian preacher originally from India and a long time resident of the United States. According to the Indian newspaper The Telegraph he is a naturalized U.S. Citizen.[1][2]

He runs a ministry called Gospel to the Unreached Millions.[3]

Early life[edit]

Originally named Anand Kilari,[2] he was born on 25 September 1963, in a small village called Chittivalsa in the State of Andhra Pradesh, India, into a Hindu family. His parents were Barnabas and Santhosamma.

His parents converted to Christianity in 1966. Paul became a Christian in March 1971, when he was eight years old. Paul says he travelled with his evangelist father to hundreds of villages in India sharing the gospel with many non-Christians. Paul says that at the age of 19 he entered into the full-time ministry.[4]

Political life[edit]

Paul has been active in state politics as a member of the Praja Shanti Party.[5]

Global Peace One[edit]

K.A. Paul walking off Global Peace One on 2 March 2004, on a humanitarian mission to Haiti

Through charitable contributions to his organization, several of Paul's backers provided funds to purchase a Boeing 747SP airplane that Paul named "Global Peace Ambassadors", which flew under the name "Global Peace One". The aeroplane was formerly flown by China Airlines; it was the accident aircraft in China Airlines Flight 006. The aeroplane was used for missions to Third World countries, delivering aid to disaster areas and to countries with people in need. A former crew member described it as a "flying death trap". In 2005, the pilot, first officer, and flight engineer quit because of concerns over maintenance and non-payment of debts.[2]


In 2005, the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability terminated the membership of Paul's organization, Gospel to the Unreached Millions, for failing to meet financial accountability and governance standards.[6][unreliable source?]


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