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K. C. Das Grandson Pvt. Ltd.
Registered brand name of K.C. Das Grandson.jpg
MottoRedefining Indian Confectionery
Debendra Nath Das
Sweets (esp. Rossogolla )

K.C. Das Grandson Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian confectionery famous for its sweet and snacks. It is especially known for the white spongy form of Rossogolla in Bengal, invented by the founder's ancestor, Nobin Chandra Das.[1][2][3][4]


For details see Birth of Rossogolla

During 1868, Nobin Chandra Das, who belonged to Kolkata, experimentally developed the first Rossogolla.[5][6] Nobin Das also was the first to mass-market it as a product. [7][8] Subsequently, K.C. Das, who was Nobin Das's son began to can the rasgulla which resulted in the widespread availability of the sweets. His son, Sarada Charan Das, incorporated and established the family enterprise as K.C.Das Private Limited and was primarily responsible for driving the explosive growth in business. In 1955, Sarada Charan had a major disagreement with his second son, Debendra Nath Das, which led to a permanent estrangement within the family.[9][better source needed] Debendra Nath Das chose to step out of the family and established his own Indian confectionery store in Kalighat , naming it as "K. C. Das Grandson" after his late grandfather.[10]


K.C. Das Grandson's products are not only used widely in Bengal, but also exported to many countries like UK, United States, Bangladesh.


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