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This Johnny's Jr. group was formed by Koichi Domoto from Kinki Kids under the name J-Support. Later the name of this group changed into K.K.Kity.



In 2001 Koichi Domoto made a project for a TV show. Here he selected some of the Johnny's Juniors to become a Johnny's Jr. group with 6 members. He gave them the name J-Support and chose Keiichiro Koyama as the leader, because he was the eldest.

To know them better, Koichi interviewed them one by one. He also gave them a song, Private Hearts, that he composed himself. And as their producer he gave them some tasks to increase their ability, like doing a backflip as part of their performance. He also gave them the opportunity to perform at his show.

Later on, their name changed into K.K.Kity considering the letters of the member's family name.


As all Johnny's Junior's activities, they back danced for their senpais at concerts. They also performed their senpai's song and also their own song in the Shounen Club show aired from NHK.

Beside that, the K.K.K (Koyama, Kato and Kusano) were also regular members at a TV Show called Ya-Ya-yah.

Break Up[edit]

As J-Support they all sang and danced equally. Later on K.K.K became the main vocalists.

In 2003 K.K.K debuted as members from NEWS.

Later on, Kyohei Iida and Wataru Yokoo became members of another Johnny's Jr. group called Kis-My-Ft2, while Kotaro Takeuchi became a member of M.A.D..


  • Private Hearts (composed by Koichi Domoto)
  • Stand Up (English version)

These songs were later recorded by NEWS and are in their first single NewS Nippon.

  • 千年のLove Song (Sennen no Love Song)

This song has become a Kis-My-Ft2 song.


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