K. K. Government Institution

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K. K. Government Institution
Munshiganj, Dhaka
Type Public Boys' HS
Established 1946 (1946)
Founder Abdul Hakim Bikrampuri
School board Dhaka Education Board
School district Munshiganj
Headmaster Ebadul Islam
Staff 15
Faculty 50
Grades 6-10
Gender Boys
Age range 11-15
Number of students 1500
Medium of language Bengali
Color(s) White

K. K. Government Institution (Bengali: কে কে গভঃ ইনস্টিটিউশন) is a public high school located in Courtgaon, Munshiganj District, Dhaka Division, Bangladesh.[1] The school offers education for students ranging from sixth to tenth grade (approximately ages of 11-15). With over 1500 students, K.K. Govt. Institution is considered as the best school for boys in Munshiganj.


The Institution was founded in 1942. It was founded by Abdul Hakim Bikrampuri named after by his uncle (Kazi Kamar Uddin-K.K.) Abdul Hakim Bikrampuri also founded Munshigang Uccha Balika School. Both these schools are located in Courtgaon, Munshiganj. The school began with one study session known as Day Shift. In 2008, it started Morning Shift alongside day shift. Morning shifts starts from 7:30 and ends at 12:00.Day shift runs from 12:15 to 5:00. K.K. Institution became K.K. Govt. Institution as it became a government high school in 1978.


K.K. Govt. Institution offers only secondary education. It has laboratories for physics, chemistry, biology and computer education and a library with more than 3000 books, journals, newspaper and magazines.The academic year is divided into three terms.Students have to sit for Junior School Certificate(JSC) examination at the end of 8th grade and Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination at the end of 10th grade.The school employs about 50 teaching stuffs and 10 non-teachings stuffs. The student-teacher ratio is 30:1. The school operates on two different schedules. Each schedules includes six periods and a 30 minutes break. Students are provided with snacks by the school. The school is a closed campus; students are not allowed to leave the school during the school hours.


Although K.K. Govt. Institution operates from 6th to 10th grade, it only admits students on the 6th grade by an admission test at the beginning of each year. Students admitted through written test for both the morning and day shifts.


English, Bengali, mathematics are the core subjects of all these grades. Three major programs in the 9th and 10th grades are science, business study and humanities.


Old Building This is situated in the west side of the campus. The classes of 10th grade are held in this building. Auditorium, Namaz hall, library, all laboratories, office room, tiffin room are in this building. Headmaster's room and teacher's room are also located in this building.

New Building This stand on the east side of the campus and founded in 2005. All the classes of 6th to 9th grade are held in this building.

Boarding House This is a four storied building which is near to the new building and use as hostel for students.

Shaeed Minar In 2007, the students of '93 batch founded a modern type of shaeed minar in the north side of the campus.


  • Physics laboratory
  • Computer laboratory
  • Chemistry laboratory
  • Biology laboratory
  • Staff office
  • Library
  • Boarding house
  • Common room

Extra activities[edit]

Every year K.K. Govt. Institution runs a great number of cultural and educational competitions like story writing, drawing, drama, reciting poems, debate etc.

  • Sports

Sport is the major feature of K.K. Govt. Institution. 100, 200, 400, 1000 meters sprints are one of the major competition along with high jump, long jump etc.

  • Publications

K.K. Govt. Institution publishes annually magazines contains school news and writing skills of students and teachers. For every farewell batch the school publishes a book contains about the information of the students and also some memories.


Pupils in the school wear white shirt and white pant with shift badge(blue badge is for the day shift and red is for the morning shift). They also have to wear white keds and black belt.


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