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The K.K. Birla Foundation was established in 1991 by Krishna Kumar Birla in Delhi.[1] Its mission is to promote literature (especially Hindi literature) and the arts, as well as education and social work. It regularly gets mentioned in the media for the awards it confers, including:

  1. the Saraswati Samman 500,000 (US$7,800) for literary work in any Indian language(22),[2][3]
  2. the Vyas Samman 250,000 (US$3,900) for prose/poetry work in Hindi,
  3. the Bihari Puraskar 100,000 (US$1,600) for prose/poetry work in Hindi/Rajasthani, only authors from Rajasthan are eligible,
  4. the Shankar Puraskar 150,000 (US$2,300) for a work in Hindi concerning Indian philosophy, culture and/or art,
  5. the Vachaspati Puraskar 150,000 (US$2,300) for any work in Sanskrit,[4]
  6. the G.D. Birla Award for Scientific Research 150,000 (US$2,300).

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