K. M. Radha Krishnan

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K. M. Radha Krishnan
Born Gadwal, Telangana, India[1]
Occupation(s) Film composer, Music director, Playback singer
Years active 2002-present
Website http://kmradhakrishnan.com

K. M. Radha Krishnan is an Indian music composer who composes music for Tollywood films. Some of his most notable films are Anand, Godavari and Chandamama.[2] In 2006, he was awarded Nandi Award by Andhra Pradesh state government [3] and many other awards for the movie Godavari. He was a Nandi award jury member in 2010[citation needed]. Radha Krishnan is expert in Carnatic and Hindustani music.

K. M. Radha Krishnan's later movies are Manasu Palike Mouna Raagam, Bhale Dongalu, Baladur, Siddu From Sikakulam, and many more.[2] He also composed jingles for television ads. He has composed some devotional albums.


K. M. Radha Krishnan was born in Gadwal and studied till 3rd class over there. Then he went to Coimbatore and returned after a few years to complete schooling in Gadwal. Basic inspiration for him to become a musician is his father KV Mohan who worked for All India Radio since 1973. His father used to sing light music and also a stage actor. His father has given over 500 stage shows so far. His father inspired him to learn Hindustani classical music. He practiced classical music with the held of Chaganti Lakshmi for a couple of years. He settled in Hyderabad since his intermediate where he completed diploma in Hyderabad Music College. He also completed training for music teacher job in Gandhi Bhavan. He learnt western classical from Arnold for a couple of years. He learnt Karnatic classical music from Vengamamba. He did research on how to blend Hindustani music with Karnatic music. After completing B. Sc., Radha Krishnan worked as sub-broker for National Stock Exchange for two years.[1]

Early career[edit]

Radha Krishnan wanted to become a singer like SP Balu when he was a kid. After two years, he started doing analysis of songs, which made him realize that there is a music composer in him. The composer in him dominated the singer. he used to practice and improvise his father’s tunes. When Radha Krishnan was looking for opportunities as music director in film industry, Sunil Kumar Reddy was making a film titled ‘Silence Please’. He did background music for that film. After a gap of two years He got another opportunity to score music for a children film called ‘Hero’.[1]


As Music Composer[edit]

Year Title Language Notes
2000 Silence Please Silent film Background score only
2002 Hero Telugu
2004 Anand Telugu
2004 Megham Telugu
2005 Kanchanamala Cable TV Telugu
2006 Godavari Telugu Nandi Award for Best Music Director [3]
2006 Manasu Palike Mouna Raagam Telugu
2006 Mayabazar Telugu
2007 Chandamama Telugu
2008 Siddu From Sikakulam Telugu
2008 Bhale Dongalu Telugu [4]
2008 Baladur Telugu [5]
2008 Yen Indha Mounam Tamil Dubbed version of Manasu Palike Mouna Raagam [6]
2011 Naaku O Loverundi Telugu [7]
2014 LakshmiRaave Maa Intiki Telugu

As Playback Singer[edit]

  • 2004 - Anand
  • 2004 - Megham
  • 2006 - Godavari, Mayabajar,Manasu Palike Mouna Raagam.-
  • 2007 - Chandamama
  • 2008 - Siddu From Sikakulam
  • 2008 - Baladur

As Lyricist[edit]

  • 2008 - Bhale Dongalu


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