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K1, K.I, K01, K 1 or K-1 can mean:



  • K1, another name for Masherbrum, a mountain in the Karakoram range in Pakistan
  • K1, a small town to north of Kirkuk city, Iraq
  • K1, a high-rise building in Kraków, Poland




Steam locomotives[edit]

Other vehicles[edit]

  • K1 Britannia, is the replica of His Majesty's Yacht Britannia built in 1893 for Commodore Albert Edward, Prince of Wales.
  • K1 was the Class/Racing number on HMY Britannia's Main Sail.
  • K1, a canoe racing event under the International Canoe Federation
  • K-1 Attack, a Slovak sports car
  • K-1 Vehicle, an aerospace vehicle under development by Rocketplane Kistler
  • BMW K1, a sport bike
  • London Buses route K1, a Transport for London contracted bus route
  • Tatra K1, a 1967 Czechoslovakian experimental tramcar
  • USS K-1 (SS-32), a 1913 United States Navy K class of submarine


United States government forms[edit]

  • K-1 visa, a United States immigration visa (also called the fiancé(e) visa)
  • Schedule K-1, a tax form of the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) corresponding with Form 1065 to report one's share of income in a flow-through entity


K. 1 can designate the works of two composers:

  1. six works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the original Köchel Verzeichnis. They appear in manuscript in the Nannerl Notenbuch. Despite being composed in Salzburg between February 1761 and January 1762, they are now considered separate pieces.
  2. a keyboard sonata by Domenico Scarlatti.


  1. K. 1a, an Andante in C for Keyboard
  2. K. 1b, an Allegro in C for Keyboard
  3. K. 1c, an Allegro in F for Keyboard
  4. K. 1d, a Minuet in F for Keyboard
  5. K. 1e, a Minuet in G for Keyboard
  6. K. 1f, a Minuet in C for Keyboard

In the first edition of the Köchel Verzeichnis K. 1 referred only to the two minuets in G and C, now designated as K. 1e and K. 1f.


The Kirkpatrick numbers for Scarlatti's works are sometimes written with a 'K', sometimes with a 'Kk':

  • K. 1', a Sonata for keyboard


  • K1, a Larcum Kendall marine chronometer (1769)
  • K-1, a kickboxing promotion
  • K1, an alternative title for Kommune 1
  • k1, a coefficient that encapsulates process-related factors, limiting the minimum feature size in photolithography
  • K1 fund, a suspected German Ponzi-scheme
  • an abbreviation for KotOR 1
  • Kingz One, a music group created in 2003
  • K1, A common name for the vitamin Phylloquinone
  • Ketel One A brand of Vodka from the Nolet Distillery in Schiedam, the Netherlands.