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Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex
City DeSoto, Texas
Channels Digital: 31 (UHF)
Subchannels 31.1 Sonlife
31.3 Hot TV
31.4 RTV
31.5 Infomercials
Owner Mako Communications, LLC
Founded 1980 on channel 65 in Mullin, Texas
Sister station(s) KATA-CD, KHPK-LD, KJJM-LP, KODF-LD
Former callsigns K31GL 2004–2008,
K65BC 1980–2004
Former affiliations America's Store (2004–2006)
Almavision (2006)
Infomercials (2006–2008)

TeleRitmo (2008-2009)
TheCoolTV (2009)
AMGTV (2009–2010)
independent ("TV HOT") (2010)
Genesis (Spanish, to 2011)
Transmitter power 8 kW
Height 391 m (calculated; 330 m above ground level)

K31GL-D is a low-power digital TV station in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, licensed to serve DeSoto, Texas, owned and operated by Mako Communications, LLC of Corpus Christi, Texas. It is not available on either Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications, or Verizon FiOS at this time, and covers the Dallas/Fort Worth DMA.

This station initially began in 1980 (FCC file: BRTT-19800530IG) as K65BC of Mullin, Texas and was owned by Pompey Mountain Broadcasting, Incorporated of Corpus Christi, Texas. Marcos A. Rodriguez acquired the frequency in 1994 and ran Spanish music video programming on it 24 hours a day. KUVN-CA of Fort Worth operated on channel 31 until 2001 when KUVN-CA changed to channel 47 clearing the way for other use of channel 31. On January 6, 2004 the call sign of K65BC changed to K31GL with the change from channel 65 in Mullin to channel 31 in DeSoto. During the summer of 2006, the station picked up Almavision.

At one time in the late 1980s a non-profit organization secured a construction permit for a full-power station on non-commercial Channel 31 in Fort Worth that would have broadcast with the call KETE-TV. However, the organization never built the station and the CP was cancelled by the FCC.

In late 2006, Almavision programming ceased on the station and it started airing an all-infomercial format, much like KBOP-LD's current format.

When K31GL switched from analog to digital broadcasting in November 2008, the Genesis network moved from KHPK-LP and KNAV-LP to K31GL, and KHPK-LP began broadcasting K31GL's former infomercial format. In December, subchannel 31.3 began an all-infomercial format.

On March 12, 2009, subchannel 31.3 began broadcasting TheCoolTV, a music video channel owned by Cool Music Network. 31.3 ceased transmitting TheCoolTV in September 2009, to have been replaced later by a locally originated channel HOT TV—the "HOT" acronym meant "History of Television"; programming consisted of old movies and TV programs from the 1950s and 1960s. From November 9, 2010 to December 7, 2010, Hot TV became a temporary hub for This TV (previously from WFAA Channel 8.3) before it was moved to its permanent home on KDAF channel 33.3 and on KDTX channel 58.3.

On May 19, 2009, subchannel 31.4 began broadcasting AMGTV. Less than a year later on May 13, 2010, 31.4 switched to an affiliate of the Retro Television Network.

On January 7, 2011 31.5 was launched airing infomercials.

In June 2013, K31GL-D was sold to Landover 5 LLC as part of a larger deal involving 51 other low-power television stations.[1]

Digital television[edit]

The station's channel is multiplexed:

Digital channels

Channel Programming
31.1 Sonlife
31.2 Hot TV
31.3 Hot TV
31.4 TV31.4 (RTV)
31.5 Infomercials

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