KAAKAI Newspaper

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KAAKAI Newspaper
FIrst Page of Kaakai.jpg
TypeDaily Newspaper
EditorAnita Sinha
Political alignmentLiberalism / Liberal
LanguageBishnupriya Manipuri / Bengali
HeadquartersDharmanagar, Tripura

KAAKAI (কাকেই) Newspaper is the most read and circulated Bishnupriya Manipuri daily newspaper in India. It was first published in Dharmanagar, Tripura. The present editor is Anita Sinha (Urmila Sinha). In 2011, the paper celebrated its Silver Jubilee.[1][2][3]


The first issue of KAAKAI Newspaper was published and edited by Anita Sinha on 23 February 1986 and printed by PC Press in Dharmanagar. In 1990, it started printing at its own Star Press in Dharmanagar. The paper was published fortnightly till 1997, then it became a weekly newspaper.[4][5]


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