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KAMINI (Kalpakkam Mini reactor) is a research reactor at Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research in Kalpakkam, India. Its first criticality was on October 29, 1996. It produces 30 kW of thermal energy at full power.

KAMINI is cooled and moderated by light water, and fueled with uranium-233 metal produced by the thorium fuel cycle harnessed by the neighbouring FBTR reactor.

It is the world’s only thorium-based experimental reactor, as of 2006.

KAMINI was the first reactor in the world designed specifically to use uranium-233 fuel. Use of the large thorium reserves to produce nuclear fuel is a key strategy of India's nuclear energy program.

The fuel is the alloy of uranium and aluminium in the form of alloy

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Coordinates: 12°33′30″N 80°10′30″E / 12.55833°N 80.17500°E / 12.55833; 80.17500