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KANM Student Radio
City College Station, Texas, United States
Broadcast area Bryan-College Station metropolitan area
Slogan "The college station of College Station"
Frequency Campus Cable TV Ch. 2.2, http://kanm.tamu.edu
First air date 1972
Format Freeform, mostly indie rock and related genres
Callsign meaning K-A&M
Owner Independent Student Organization Affiliated with Texas A&M
Website http://kanm.tamu.edu
KANM Student Radio Listen Page

KANM Student Radio, "the College station of College Station," [1] is the Student radio station at Texas A&M University.[2] It operates on the Texas A&M campus cable television system at channel 2.2,[1][3] and through an online stream[4][5] and downloads.[6] Like some other college radio stations, KANM's DJs program their own shows,[7] playing music encompassing virtually any genre, from "indie rock and indie pop, alternative, electronic, emo, punk, hip-hop, metal, jazz, and much, much more"[1] with the mission of providing, "non-commercial music and views to the Bryan-College Station community that are unavailable on other local or popular national media."[8]

KANM was founded in 1972 and is a recognized student organization at Texas A&M,[9] one of the top ten largest universities in the U.S.[10] with over 10,000 on-campus resident students.[11] In the most recent month of SHOUTcast data (September 2008), KANM was one of the top college radio streams and among the top Internet streams in general, with nearly 500,000 stream connections.[12] The station's web site claims that, at over 35 years old, it is likely the oldest surviving cable FM station in the country to have never transitioned to licensed over-the-air operation.[8] Since the late 1990s, KANM has adopted other forms of broadcasting to augment the originally cable FM-only service, adding a Part 15 unlicensed AM broadcast and becoming an early adopter of Internet streaming audio in 1998.[13][14] More recently, a campus cable television channel and downloads have also been added.[1][8]

As of the spring semester of 2013, KANM only broadcast on their website and TAMU campus television channel 2.2.


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