KB Kookmin Bank

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KB Kookmin Bank
Traded as KRX: 060000
Founded 1963; 54 years ago (1963)
Headquarters Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Key people
Yoon Jonggyu, Hur Yin(CEO)
Products Financial Services
Revenue Increase US$26.5 billion (2012)
Number of employees
Website [https://www.kbfg.com
Korean name
Hangul KB국민은행
Hanja KB國民銀行
Revised Romanization KB Gungmin Eunhaeng
McCune–Reischauer KB Kungmin Ŭnhaeng

KB Kookmin Bank (Korean: KB국민은행) or KB is Korea’s leading financial services provider offering broad range of financial products and services. As a core subsidiary of KB Financial Group, KB Kookmin Bank is a leading bank in South Korea. KB Kookmin Bank strives to become a bank for people of Korea by delivering the best financial services and putting customers at the center.

The Group was founded in 2008 to better serve clients, enable growth and deliver value in a rapidly changing financial environment. The core strengths are expertise, broad customer base, wide distribution network and strong brand.

Under the KB Financial Group, there are 12 subsidiaries including: KB Kookmin Bank, KB Securities, KB Insurance, KB Kookmin Card, KB Life Insurance, KB Asset Management, KB Capital, KB Savings Bank, KB Real Estate Trust, KB Investment, KB Credit Information and KB Data Systems. Through the businesses, they providing integrated financial solutions and services to clients to help them achieve their financial goals and thrive.

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