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General information
TypeRadio/TV transmission tower
LocationMount Wilson
Coordinates34°13′55″N 118°4′21″W / 34.23194°N 118.07250°W / 34.23194; -118.07250Coordinates: 34°13′55″N 118°4′21″W / 34.23194°N 118.07250°W / 34.23194; -118.07250 [1]
Completed1986 [2]
OwnerRichland Towers [3]
Height296.4 m (972 ft) [2]

KCBS-TV/FM Tower (formerly the KNXT/KNX-FM Tower) is a 296.4 meter (972 ft) high guyed radio/television tower on Mount Wilson above Los Angeles (near the Mount Wilson Observatory) at 123 CBS Lane.[1] The KCBS-TV/FM Tower was built in 1986.[2] It was owned by CBS Corporation and used by KCBS-TV (Channel 2) and KCBS-FM (93.1 MHz, 27,500 watts). When the DTV conversion was planned the CBS transmitters (both of them) were installed in the Channel 9 building and combined onto one antenna.[citation needed] The guyed tower facility, the westernmost on Mount Wilson, was sold in November 2009 to Richland Towers whose headquarters is in Tampa, Florida.[3]

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