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KCC Corporation
주식회사 케이씨씨
Traded asKRX: 002380[1]
IndustryAutomotive, chemicals[1]
Founded1958; 61 years ago (1958)[1]
Area served
ProductsAutomotive parts, chemicals[1]

KCC Corporation (renamed from Kumkang Korea Chemicals Co., Ltd. on February 25, 2005) is a Korean chemical and auto parts manufacturer, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea.


KCC's products include various kinds of paints, float glass, soft sponges, silicon, chassis, and car parts. This company is the biggest provider of construction materials and paints in South Korea. Various types of industrial materials such as epoxy moulding compound, alumina metallizing, silicone etc. are produced in 13 domestic locations.
KCC Corporation has 9 overseas liaison offices and 7 overseas factories over the world:

  • KCC Houston (Texas, U.S. - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Hong Kong (Hong Kong, China - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Dubai (Dubai, U.A.E. - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Greece (Piraeus, Greece - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Iran (Teheran, Iran - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Moscow (Moscow, Russia - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Shanghai (Shanghai, China - Liaison Office)
  • KCC Kunshan (Shanghai, China - Paint Factory)
  • KCC Beijing (Beijing, China - Paint Factory)
  • KCC Guangzhou (Guangzhou, China - Paint Factory)
  • KCC Singapore (Singapore - Paint Factory)
  • KCC Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Paint Factory)
  • KCC India (Chennai, India - Paint Factory)
  • KCC Turkey (Istanbul, Turkey - Paint Factory)
  • KCC Poland (Lublin, Poland - Liaison Office)

Main Rivals in Silicone Markets[edit]

KCC's silicone is one of major market which is developing. There are some main rivals for this Korean company to develop market as the list below:[2]

  • Dow corning (USA)[3]
  • Momentive (USA)[4]
  • Shin-Etsu (Japan)[5]
  • Wacker (Germany)[6]
  • Bluestar silicone (China)[7]

Purchasing Basildon Chemical[edit]

April 2011, Basildon Chemicals was purchased by the KCC Corporation of Korea. This creates a partnership which opens up new opportunities for both companies. In this partnership, KCC gains a company with a history of excellence in silicone emulsification and long-running industry acceptance, whilst Basildon gains the backing of one of the world's fastest-growing primary silicone manufacturers, with great ambitions for expansion over the coming years.[8]

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