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Medford, Oregon
United States
CityMedford, Oregon
ChannelsDigital: 16 (UHF)
Virtual: 16 (PSIP)
BrandingtheDove TV
OwnertheDove Media, Inc.
KDOV FM 91.7 (Radio)
Former call signs
K44IA (2005-2009)
KDOV-LP (2009-2018)
KDSO-LP (2018)
Former channel number(s)
44 (UHF, 2008-2018)
43 (PSIP)
Call sign meaning
K Dove Southern Oregon
Technical information
Facility ID125327
ERP1.25 kW
Medford, Oregon
United States
ChannelsDigital: 18 (UHF)
Virtual: 18 (PSIP)
Ownersee KDSO-LD infobox
see KDSO-LD infobox
Former call signs
K18GB (2001-October 2018)
K18GB-D (October-November 2018)
Call sign meaning
Technical information
Facility ID129254
ERP1.45 kW

KDSO-LD, virtual and UHF digital channel 16, branded on-air as theDove TV, is a low-powered religious television station licensed to Medford, Oregon, United States. KDOV-LD (virtual and UHF digital channel 18) serves as a translator of KDSO. Owned by theDove Media, they are sister stations to radio station KDOV 91.7 FM in Medford, KGEC-LD Channel 26 in Redding, California, and another low-powered station in Yuba City, which operates a network of low-power translators throughout Northern California and airs theDove TV on the primary channel of most of these translators.

KDSO-LD can be seen on Charter Communications cable channel 18 in Medford, channel 89 in Klamath Falls and channel 94 in Redding, and on Ashland HomeNet Cable channel 97 in Ashland, as well as over the internet at the station's website. They are currently in the application process to be added to Dish Network and DirecTV.


KDSO-LD/KDOV-LD broadcasts a schedule of local and national Christian programs, including those from Christian Broadcasting Network, which produces news and informational programming, including CBN NewsWatch, Christian World News, The 700 Club (which also aired daily on fellow Medford station CBS affiliate KTVL (channel 10) until September 2012 when it moved over to Fox affiliate KMVU (channel 26)) and 700 Club Interactive. Local programming featured includes Mornings on theDove and Focus Today (both simulcasts with KDOV radio) and news updates throughout the day.

They have also broadcast programs from LeSEA Broadcasting in the past.

Programming seen on theDove TV[edit]

On-air talent[edit]

  • Perry Atkinson - Host, Mornings on theDove, Focus Today, Afternoons on theDove (President / CEO - theDove Media, Inc.)
  • Polina Leiser - Co-Host (Second Hour) / Executive Producer, Mornings on theDove
  • Steve Johnson - TV Operations Manager / News Director / Co-Host, Mornings on theDove
  • Jerry Bilden - Occasional Fill-In (KDOV 91.7 FM Music Director)
  • Ashley Carrasco - Anchor/Reporter, News Update / News Anchor (formerly of KTVL)

Former notables[edit]

  • Demi DeSoto - Anchor/Reporter, News Update / News Anchor (formerly of KTVL)
  • Jim McCoy - Sports Director / Play-By-Play Commentator for Cascade Christian High School football and boys basketball (KDOV 91.7 FM)

Digital channels[edit]

Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming
18.1 16.1 1080i 16:9 theDove The Dove
18.2 16.2 CBNews CBN News
18.3 16.3 480i theDove The Dove
Channel Video Aspect PSIP Short Name Programming
28.1 720p 16:9 theDove The Dove


City of license Callsign Translating RF PSIP ERP HAAT Facility ID Transmitter coordinates Owner
Bend KBND-LD KDOV-LD 18.1 14 14.1 2.3 kW 197 m (646 ft) 125309 44°4′38.2″N 121°20′0.7″W / 44.077278°N 121.333528°W / 44.077278; -121.333528 (KBND-LD) Combined Communications, Inc.
Medford KDOV-LD KDSO-LD 18 18.1-3 1.45 kW 435 m (1,427 ft) 129254 42°17′51.4″N 122°45′4.1″W / 42.297611°N 122.751139°W / 42.297611; -122.751139 (KDOV-LD) Thedove Media, Inc.
Chico, CA KKRM-LD KKPM-CD 28.1 11 11.1 3 kW 365 m (1,198 ft) 167898 39°57′29″N 121°42′53″W / 39.95806°N 121.71472°W / 39.95806; -121.71472 (KKRM-LD) One Minisitries, Inc.
Middletown, CA KFTY-LD KKPM-CD 28.1 2 45.1 3 kW 902 m (2,959 ft) 182644 38°40′8.6″N 122°37′56.9″W / 38.669056°N 122.632472°W / 38.669056; -122.632472 (KFTY-LD) HC2 Station Group, Inc.
Monterey, CA K14TG-D KKPM-CD 28.1 14 45.1 0.63 kW 172 m (564 ft) 182886 36°33′9″N 121°47′20″W / 36.55250°N 121.78889°W / 36.55250; -121.78889 (K14TG-D) One Ministries, Inc.
Petaluma, CA KFMY-LD KKPM-CD 28.1 6 6.1 2 kW 659 m (2,162 ft) 182954 37°55′44.7″N 122°35′12.9″W / 37.929083°N 122.586917°W / 37.929083; -122.586917 (KFMY-LD) One Ministries, Inc.
Planada, CA K02QP-D KKPM-CD 28.1 2 45.1 0.55 kW 8 m (26 ft) 182772 37°16′41″N 120°37′39″W / 37.27806°N 120.62750°W / 37.27806; -120.62750 (K02QP-D) One Ministries, Inc.
Redding, CA K16IW-D KKPM-CD 28.1 16 16.1 5 kW 394 m (1,293 ft) 183062 40°39′14.5″N 122°31′16″W / 40.654028°N 122.52111°W / 40.654028; -122.52111 (K16IW-D) One Ministries, Inc.
Redding, CA KRDT-CD KKPM-CD 28.1 23 23.1 15 kW 1,061 m (3,481 ft) 34574 40°36′10″N 122°39′4″W / 40.60278°N 122.65111°W / 40.60278; -122.65111 (KRDT-CD) One Ministries, Inc.
Salinas, CA K04RS-D KKPM-CD 28.1 4 3.1 0.15 kW 172 m (564 ft) 182086 36°33′9″N 121°47′20″W / 36.55250°N 121.78889°W / 36.55250; -121.78889 (K04RS-D) One Ministries, Inc.
San Francisco, CA KURK-LD KKPM-CD 28.1 3 3.3 2.5 kW 659 m (2,162 ft) 182643 37°55′44.7″N 122°35′12.9″W / 37.929083°N 122.586917°W / 37.929083; -122.586917 (KURK-LD) One Ministries, Inc.
San Francisco, CA
San Rafael, CA
KQSL-LD KKPM-CD 28.1 4 17.1 3 kW 659 m (2,162 ft) 130569 37°55′44.7″N 122°35′12.9″W / 37.929083°N 122.586917°W / 37.929083; -122.586917 (KQSL-LD) One Ministries, Inc.
San Jose, CA
Morgan Hill, CA
KQRO-LD KKPM-CD 28.1 2 45.1 3 kW 743 m (2,438 ft) 182144 37°7′7.8″N 121°50′0.8″W / 37.118833°N 121.833556°W / 37.118833; -121.833556 (KQRO-LD) HC2 Station Group, Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA KUKR-LD KKPM-CD 28.1 26 27.1 6 kW 268 m (879 ft) 182689 38°30′32″N 122°39′48″W / 38.50889°N 122.66333°W / 38.50889; -122.66333 (KUKR-LD) One Ministries, Inc.
Yuba City, CA KYUB-LD KKPM-CD 28.1 15 36.1 15 kW 599 m (1,965 ft) 187558 39°12′20″N 121°49′14″W / 39.20556°N 121.82056°W / 39.20556; -121.82056 (KYUB-LD) One Ministries, Inc.

Board of directors[edit]

  • Perry Atkinson, President
  • Dallas Rhoden, Vice President
  • Jason Atkinson, Secretary / Treasurer
  • Hal Short, Chairman of the Board
  • Mark Portrait, Director
  • Ted Darnell, Director


In 2011, theDove TV (in only its second year of existence) was the recipient of the National Religious Broadcasters' prestigious Low Power Television Station of the Year.[1]

YouTube Banishment[edit]

On March 22, 2021, theDove TV was removed from and banned permanently by YouTube. This was as result of claims that theDove was repeatedly violating their "COVID-19 misinformation and presidential election integrity policies" that were to added to its "community standards" around the time of the 2020 United States Presidential Election.

A spokesperson for YouTube stated, "Any channel that violates these policies will receive a strike, which temporarily restricts uploading or live-streaming. Channels that receive three strikes in the same 90-day period will be permanently removed from YouTube. If a channel owner feels the strike was made in error, they can appeal the decision." The appeal was made, but denied by YouTube. A claim of ownership to the videos was also made, but it, too, was denied. [2]

theDove posted this response on the home page of their website: "On March 22, 2021 theDove's First Amendment Rights were attacked as theDove was permanently banned from YouTube. The only reason given to us was that our content violated their 'Community Standards'.

"This removal included over 15,000 videos of our guests and news broadcasts... they are now permanently gone.

"theDove has over 40 years of providing hope, encouragement and giving a Biblical perspective to current events. Despite these attacks on our free speech, theDove will not be silenced. We are finalizing plans to switch to a new digital video streaming platform, and now we need your help! The new service will cost approximately $60,000 per year. Please pray about partnering with theDove financially and helping us distribute our content and provide hope and encouragement to people all over the world." [3]

At press time, theDove Media, LLC, owners of theDove Network, has legal counsel representing them and is taking legal action against YouTube for violating free speech rights and refusing to return their videos.

Acquisition of KGEC-TV[edit]

On May 21, 2021, theDove Media, Inc. had acquired Redding, California, television station KGEC-LD (past affiliates of America One, FamilyNet and Retro Television) from founders and longtime owners Cooper Communications, LLC, and began airing its programming content full-time that afternoon despite technical difficulties. The official announcement was made during Mornings on theDove the following Monday. [4] It is the first actual station along theDove TV network to have been purchased by the company while other stations are either affiliates or repeater sites. theDove Media also owns another Redding station KI6I-WD (K16IW-CD) Channel 16.1.

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