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KDUL-LP logo
Duluth, Minnesota
Channels Analog: 12 (VHF)
60 (UHF)
Affiliations Defunct
Owner Duluth TV Partners
Founded October 1, 2000
First air date October 1, 2000
Last air date August 31, 2001
Call letters' meaning DULuth
Former callsigns K60EZ (1990s-2000)
Former affiliations UPN, AIN

KDUL-LP Channel 12 was a low-power television station in Duluth, Minnesota, which operated from October 2000 to August 2001. [1]

The station operated with 502 Watts from a transmitter on Duluth's Observation Hill. KDUL-LP's office and master control were located in Fitger's Brewery Complex, a popular shopping and entertainment venue. It was owned by Duluth Broadcasting Partners and managed by ESI Broadcasting.

KDUL-LP was originally K60EZ Channel 60, which carried a scrambled version of Nickelodeon as part of an eight-channel subscription TV service which operated in the mid-1990s.

After several missed launch dates, KDUL-LP began regular broadcasting on October 1, 2000, carrying UPN, the American Independent Network, and Entertainment Tonight. It was also carried in Duluth and Superior on channel 16 via Charter Communications. The system also carried then-UPN affiliate KMSP-TV from Minneapolis–Saint Paul as a regional superstation and blacked out UPN programming on KMSP at KDUL-LP's request.

KDUL-LP was to have been co-operated with KWMN-LP Channel 56 in Duluth, another former subscription TV station which was to have carried PAX TV. It never signed on. There were also plans to rebroadcast KDUL-LP on W25CA Channel 25 in Ashland, Wisconsin (later WAST-LP), which also never materialized.

ESI Broadcasting severed its management relationship with the station in April 2001. Shortly thereafter, the owners put the station up for sale and fired all employees except one technician. The station left the air permanently on August 31, 2001, after news that Charter planned to drop KDUL-LP due to poor video and audio quality; the provider had also taken heavy criticism due to the compulsory blackouts of KMSP during UPN hours despite KDUL-LP barely having a viewable signal. No buyer was ever found.

During its entire run on Channel 12, KDUL-LP operated under construction permit program test authority. The construction permit for Channel 12 was cancelled after KDUL-LP went silent. The FCC deleted KDUL-LP on May 15, 2008, nearly seven years after its last broadcast.


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