KD Line

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Chicago & North Western Railway
KD Line
0.0 Kenosha
4.1 Bain
5.9 Pleasant Prairie
9.6 Woodworth
12.1 Bristol
15.1 Salem
19.2 Fox River
21.3 Bassetts
23.5 Twin Lakes
25.3 Lake Elizabeth
27.5 Genoa City
33.5 Hebron
38.1 Alden
44.3 Harvard
47.0 Chemung
51.1 Capron
56.2 Poplar Grove
61.5 Argyle
64.1 Harlem (Loves Park)
68.1 Rockford

The KD Line is the Kenosha and Rockford Railroad which, except for its eastern and western termini, was largely abandoned in May 1939. The name means "Kenosha Division", and was used after it was merged into the Chicago and North Western Railroad, now the Union Pacific.


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