KD Transportation Group

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KD Transportation Group
Native name
Industry Public transport
Founded Uijeongbu, South Korea (1972 (1972))
Founder Heo Myeong-hoi
Headquarters Gyeonggi, South Korea
Area served
South Korea
Key people
Heo Myeong-hoi, Heo Sang-jun, Kim seung-han
Services Bus
Owner Heo Sang Jun
Number of employees
  • 9290
Website buspia.co.kr

KD Transportation group (KD Group,Korean: KD운송그룹) is a transportation company based on Daewon Passenger Traffic, mainly does bus transportation. Company focuses on intercity bus, airport bus, transit bus, tour bus service, and is biggest bus company in South Korea.[1] This company's all airport bus, intercity bus, tour bus' color is Purple.



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