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Parent star
Star KELT-2A
Constellation Auriga
Right ascension (α) 06h 10m 39.347s[1]
Declination (δ) +30° 57′ 25.70″[1]
Distance440±20[1] ly
(134±6[1] pc)
Spectral type F7V
Orbital elements
Semi-major axis(a) 0.5504 ± 0.00086 AU
Eccentricity (e) 0
Orbital period(P) 4.1137913 ± 0.00001 d
Inclination (i) 88.56 ± 1.14°
Argument of
(ω) 90°
Time of periastron (T0) 2455974.60338 ± 0.00083 JD
Semi-amplitude (K) 161.1 ± 7.8 m/s
Physical characteristics
Mass(m)1.524 ± 0.088[2] MJ
Radius(r)1.290 ± 0.057[2] RJ
Density(ρ)940 ± 90[2] kg m−3
Surface gravity(g)22.7 m/s² (2.3 g)
Discovery information
Discovery date 7 June 2012
Discoverer(s) KELT-North
Discovery method Transit
Discovery status Published

KELT-2Ab is an extrasolar planet that orbits the star KELT-2A approximately 440 light-years away in the constellation of Auriga.[2] It was discovered by the KELT-North survey via the transit method, so both its mass and radius are known quite precisely. As of its discovery KELT-2Ab is the fifth-brightest transiting Hot Jupiter known that has a well constrained mass. This makes the KELT-2A system a promising target for future space- and ground-based follow-up observations to learn about the planet's atmosphere.

The star KELT-2A is a member of the common-proper-motion binary star system KELT-2 (HD 42176). KELT-2B is an early K dwarf approximately 295 astronomical units away.

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Coordinates: Sky map 06h 10m 39s, +30° 57′ 25″