KFAT (defunct)

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CityGilroy, California
Broadcast areaSouthern San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, California
Frequency94.5 FM
First air date1975 (1975) (defunct as of January 17, 1983)
FormatFreeform country

KFAT (94.5 FM) was an eclectic freeform country music station which also featured a mix of blues, rock music, bluegrass, Hawaiian music, and other genres. The 94.5 frequency now belongs to KBAY.

Time on-air[edit]

KFAT was on the air from 1975 until January 17, 1983. The station was co-founded by Laura Ellen Hopper (1950–2007), Jeremy Lansman, and Lorenzo Milam, who helped start many of community radio's pioneering stations in the United States. Though KFAT is long-gone as a broadcast station, its legacy lives on via Santa Cruz area station KPIG-FM, as well as a few tribute sites and even a streaming webcast station.

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