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Lubbock, Texas
United States
City Lubbock
Branding Hub City's Rock
Channels Analog: 6 (VHF), 87.75 FM
Affiliations Independent
Owner Venture Technologies Group, LLC
Founded December 9, 2004
First air date February 2009
Sister station(s) K38HP, KYLU-LP
Former callsigns K06OC (2004-2009)
Transmitter power 3 kW
Facility ID 129734

KFMP-LP is a low-powered TV station in Lubbock, Texas. Founded on December 9, 2004 and owned by Venture Technologies Group, LLC, it broadcasts on VHF channel 6.


Founded on December 9, 2004 as K06OC by Venture Technologies. It never made it on the air until four years later. Beginning in February 2009, KFMP used the audio signal available to analog television channel 6 (87.75 MHz) to broadcast as Lubbock's KFMP, Channel 8-7-7... The Only Alternative with an alternative format. Channel 8-7-7 was Lubbock's first official alternative formatted "radio" station (KBTE briefly stunted as 'The Bat' before signing on as Rhythmic 'The Beat' and KFMX shifted to alternative briefly in the 90s before shifting back to active rock.) On-air personalities included Dick & Skibba (mornings, formerly heard on KLSX Los Angeles and KSCF San Diego) and Coty (middays, formerly heard on KZII Lubbock.) The station was unique in that all programming originated in the SAG building on Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles but intended only for Lubbock.


After simulcasting KRFE AM 580 for some of 2010, KFMP returned to a rock format identified as 'Hub City's Rock'.

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