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KFM Records is a Scottish independent record label.

KFM (an abbreviation of Knife Fighting Monkeys) is an Edinburgh based label whose output ranges from moody hip-hop to caustic art rock. The label is owned and run by ex BMX world champion Scott MacDonald.

Artists on KFM Records[edit]

  • Bryan Jones
  • Toaster
  • I Am Scientist
  • Blind Groove
  • The Magnificents
  • 7VWWVW
  • David Jack
  • The Penpushers
  • AntiMC
  • Iglomat
  • Cruiser
  • Super National
  • Victoria Berg & The Blindfolded Man
  • Lost Love Launch
  • Joe Nisbet Jr
  • Nasty P
  • Rich Mundi


Cat. # Artist Title Format
KFM 001 Toaster Signs & Wonder CD
KFM 002 David Jack ERA III 12"
KFM 003 David Jack Texture Freak CD
KFM 003LP David Jack Texture Freak LP
KFM 004 Magic Drive Whats The Beef? CD
KFM 005 David Jack Without Vocabulary CD
KFM 005LP David Jack Without Vocabulary LP
KFM 006 I Am Scientist No Signal File, MP3
KFM 007 The Magnificents The Magnificents CD
KFM 008V The Magnificents Last Gasp Of Revenge/White Lies AA 7"
KFM 009 David Jack Iron Out San Francisco CD
KFM 010 Nasty P When The Smoke Clears CD
KFM 011v 7VWWVW There Is No Crueller Than The Sea, Nor Even As Cruel 10"
KFM 012v The Magnificents The Apollo Creed EP 12"
KFM 014 Iglomat Federal File, MP3
INCO 001 Penpushers Last Vestige Of Holism CD
INCO 002 Penpushers Art Mechanics CD
INCO 003 Penpushers Void Engineers CD
KFM 015 Penpushers Breathe Deeply File, MP3
KFM 016 The Magnificents Apollo Creed File, Video
KFM 017 The Magnificents Last gasp Of Revenge File, Video
KFM 018 7VWVWW There Is No Crueller Than The Sea, Nor Even As Cruel File, Video
KFM 019 David Jack The Mezzotint File, Video
KFM 020 David Jack Texture Freak File, Video
KFM 021 Lost Love Launch 17 Pantomimes File, Video
KFM 022 Penpushers Poltergeeks CD
MFK 023 Nasty P It's Nicer When It's Nasty CD
KFM 024 The Magnificents Kids Now EP File, MP3, EP
KFM 025 AntiMC It's Free, But It's Not Cheap CD
KFM 026 The Magnificents Ring Ring EP CD, EP
KFM 027 The Magnificents Year Of Explorers CD
KFM 028 Penpushers Fairy Press (Scratch Perverts Remix) File, MP3
KFM 029 Iglomat Dial Wookie File, Video
KFM 031 The Magnificents Get It Boy File, MP3
KFM 032 The Magnificents 4 Claws Of The Underground File, MP3
KFM 033 Cruiser Northern Electric CD
KFM 034 Iglomat Iglomat CD
KFM 035 Victoria Berg & The Blindfolded Man I'll Meet You At The Chicken Lodge File, MP3
KFM 036 Cruiser happyrobots:smilingpeople CD
KFM 037 Cruiser A Gentle Press File, MP3
KFM 038 Victoria Berg & The Blindfolded Man I'll Meet You At The Chicken Lodge File, Video
KFM 039 Victoria Berg & The Blindfolded Man Victoria Berg & The Blindfolded Man File, MP3, CD
KFM 040 The Magnificents Ring Ring Oo Oo File, Video
KFM 041 Cruiser A Gentle Press File, Video
KFM 042 I Am Scientist Glasvegas EP File, MP3
KFM 043 Cruiser HAPPYROBOTS:programmed to love you CD
KFM 044 Cruiser It's All Good Baby! File, Video
KFM 045 Penpushers Console File, Video
KFM 046 I Am Scientist Black Heart/ Losing An Engine File, MP3
KFM 047 Nasty P Choosers Can't Be Beggars CD
KFM 048 Nasty P Intense Impressions File, Video
KFM 049 Nasty P Signs File, Video
KFM 050 Nasty P Signs EP Unreleased
KFM 051 Jeep Solid Fake Sugar EP File, MP3
KFM 052 Jeep Solid Fake Sugar File, MP3
KFM 053 Blind Groove Can Monkeys Sea Nirvana File, MP3
KFM 054 Iglomat Live Fast Die Whenever single File, MP3
KFM 055 Iglomat Super Complication File, MP3, LP
KFM 056 Super National Meds To Get Over File, Video
KFM 057 Super National Meds To Get Over File, MP3
KFM 058 I Am Scientist Killer Fleas And Rarities File, MP3
KFM 059 Joe Nisbet Jr The Gospel According To Mr Niz CD
KFM 060 Iglomat The Kelpies (single) File, MP3
KFM 061 Iglomat Tic Tac Toe (single) File, MP3
KFM 062 Iglomat Iglomat III (album) File, MP3, CD
KFM 065 Joe Nisbet Jr Judge Not (single) File, MP3
KFM 071 Bryan Jones International Nobody (album) File, MP3, CD
KFM 072 Iglomat Nylon Hook (single) File, MP3,
KFM 073 Iglomat The Man Made Man (album) File, MP3, LP
KFM 074V Nasty P No Tellin EP 12", MP3
KFM 075 Nasty P Rich Mundy (album) File, MP3


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