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KIIO-LD is a television station licensed to Los Angeles, California,[1] with the owners of the station being Bagrat Sargsyan[2] and Sargsyan Media. It is an Armenian language television station for the Greater Los Angeles area.

Sister channels[edit]

Bagrat Sargsyan and Vaagn Sarkissian[3] are also owners of USATV LLC, USArmenia television network and BEST TV channel.


It currently broadcasts the highest-rated Armenian television network, USArmenia, both on HD and SD formats. USArmenia HD is on channel 10.1,[2] and USArmenia SD is on channel 10.2., while Channel 10.3 is BEST TV,[2] which is the second-most popular Armenian television station in L.A.

KIIO-LD is no longer the Los Angeles affiliate for PBJ, a classic cartoon diginet from Luken Communications.

The station broadcasts 24 hours a day digitally on VHF channel 10, from Mount Wilson.


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