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Industry Textiles - Apparel, Clothing
Founded 2006
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Key people
hobby:tech, Founder & Chief Designer
Products Apparel, Accessories, &, Footwear

KIKS TYO is a Japanese clothing company founded by DJ, designer and streetwear/sneaker culture personality hobby:tech (Shinichi Izaki) in 2006. KIKS TYO specializes in streetwear, as well as accessories, and footwear.


KIKS TYO was launched in 2006 by hobby:tech. Prior to starting KIKS TYO, hobby:tech was a partner in the Japanese creative collective and street wear brand known as BROWNRATS. In early 2006 he exited BROWNRATS to launch a clothing line of his own. The line would be based on one of his primary passions: Sneakers. By 2007 KIKS TYO had a boutique store called the KIKS TYO Head Shop in Shibuya. At the same time, KIKS TYO opened a 2nd store called html (hobby tasteful merchandise laboratory) in Ikebukuro. The brand launched its first collection at these standalone stores in Tokyo and eventually via boutique and specialty retailers throughout Japan and around the world.[1]

"Sneaker Lover" Photobook and DVD[edit]

On January 31, 2008, KIKS TYO announced the release of "Sneaker Lover" a photobook project featuring popular Japanese bikini idol, model and actress, Aki Hoshino and photographed by celebrated Tokyo-based photographer, Yasumasa Yonehara. The photobooks were distributed to better booksellers, news stands and convenience stores throughout Japan, and internationally via KIKS TYO's international online store.

"Sneaker Lover," a project conceived and directed by KIKS TYO creative director, hobby:tech, and published by Goma Books, marked the first collaborative professional effort between its subject, Hoshino and its photographer, Yonehara. The result was 100+ full-color pages of erotic images, set in Hong Kong and Macau, and snapped in Yonehara's trademark style.

In addition to the photobook, KIKS TYO, Aki Hoshino and Yonehara collaborated on series of six limited edition "Sneaker Lover" photo print T-shirts and a gravure DVD, also titled "Sneaker Lover". [2]


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