Korea International Exhibition Center

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Korea International Exhibition Center
Kintex Sign.jpg
The Kintex sign at night.
Korean name
Hangul 킨텍스
Revised Romanization Kintekseu
McCune–Reischauer K'int'eksŭ

Korea International Exhibition Center (Hangul킨텍스, commonly known as KINTEX) is a convention and exhibition center located in Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

It is a three-storey building on a 224,800m² plot of land between Ilsan's central road, Chungangno, and the Han River. It has a total indoor exhibition area of 108,049m². Shortly after opening, it hosted the 2005 Seoul Motor Show.

From December 2015 To January 2016 , Muhan Dojeon EXPO is being open in KINTEX. [1]


  • 1999 04 Confirmed for Goyang city to attract the construction of an International Exhibition Center
  • 2002 02 Goyang International Exhibition Center was officially titled KINTEX (Korea International Exhibition Center)
  • 2003 03 Launched KINTEX CI
  • 2005 04 Grand Opening of the 1st KINTEX Center
  • 2006 12 Changed the corporate name to KINTEX, conducted the feasibility study for the 2nd exhibition center
  • 2007 07 Verified the validity to construct the 2nd exhibition center
  • 2008 12 Appointed the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Consortium to construct the 2nd exhibition center
  • 2009 07 Started the Construction for the 2nd exhibition center


  • Indoor exhibition area: 1st exhibition center 53,541m², 2nd exhibition center 54,508m²
  • Outdoor exhibition area: 1st exhibition center 2,849m², 2nd exhibition center 68,000m²
  • Event hall : Seating capacity of 6,000 seats
  • 26 meeting rooms
  • Grand ballroom

Notable events[edit]


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