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KDE Image Plugin Interface (usually abbreviated to Kipi or KIPI) is an API that allows creation of application-independent image processing plugins in the KDE project.[1]

Host applications[edit]


Acquisition and management[edit]

  • Acquire Images provides tools to capture new images and saves them to the collections.
  • Kamera klient is a tool to connect the computer to a digital camera.
  • Batch process.
  • Find duplicates is a tool to find duplicate photographs on image collections.


  • MetadataEdit.
  • Time adjust is a tool for adjusting image files timestamp.


  • JPEG loss less is a tool to transform the images without loss in quality due to compression.
  • MPEG encoder is a tool for converting a series of images into a diashow-style MPEG file.
  • RAW image converter, is a conversion tool for raw format images.


Export to Picasaweb
  • Flickr export allows the user to upload photos to the Flickr web service.
  • Gallery export is a tool for export image collections to a remote Gallery server.
  • HTML export is a tool for exporting a set of albums to an HTML page.
  • iPod export.
  • MediaWiki export is a tool to upload images on any MediaWiki installation.
  • Simpleviewer Export.
  • Send images is a tool for sending images directly by e-mail.


  • Calendar is a tool to create calendar from image collections.
  • Slide Show — plugin creates a full screen slideshow of the images.


  • CD archiving is a tool to back up image collections.
  • Print wizard is a tool to print images at the same time.


  • GPS Sync.
  • OpenGL Imageviewer is a tool which lets the user perform actions such as zooming or proceeding to the next image very fast.
  • Wall paper is a tool to put an image as the desktop background.