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KIPP Houston Public Schools, is the branch of the KIPP charter school network in the Houston metropolitan area.

As of 2017 KIPP Houston had 12,100 students.[1]


High schools
Middle schools
  • KIPP 3D Academy
  • KIPP Academy(1994)(west Houston)
  • KIPP Academy West(2015) (far west Houston)
  • KIPP CONNECT Middle School(2014)
  • KIPP Courage College Prep at Landrum Middle School(2012) (Spring Branch), at Landrum Middle School of the Spring Branch Independent School District[4]
  • KIPP Intrepid(2008)
  • KIPP Journey(2019) (west Houston)
  • KIPP Liberation (Third Ward)
  • KIPP Nexus(2017) (northwest Houston)
  • KIPP Polaris Academy for Boys(2007) (northeast Houston)
  • KIPP Prime College Prep(2016) (East End)
  • KIPP Sharpstown College Prep
  • KIPP Spirit College Prep (Sunnyside area)
  • KIPP Voyage Academy for Girls(2009) (northeast Houston)
Elementary schools
  • KIPP Climb Academy(2016)
  • KIPP CONNECT Primary school(2014)
  • KIPP Dream Prep (north Houston)
  • KIPP Explore Academy (southeast Houston)
  • KIPP Journey(2019) (west Houston)
  • KIPP Legacy Preparatory School (northeast Houston)
  • KIPP NEXUS Primary School(2017) (northwest Houston)
  • KIPP PEACE Elementary School
  • KIPP SHINE Prep (west Houston)
  • KIPP Unity Primary(2015)
  • KIPP: Zenith Academy (Sunnyside area) - KIPP Zenith opened as part of a wave of KIPP elementary schools opening in 2010.[5]
Closed schools

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