KIS Guangjae

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대한제국 광제호.jpg
Guangjae at sea
Name: KIS Guangjae
Builder: Kawasaki Shipbuilding Corporation
Cost: 圓 35,0000
Completed: 1904
Commissioned: November 1904
Decommissioned: November 1905
Fate: unknown
General characteristics (as completed)
Displacement: 1,056 long tons (1,073 t) (normal load)
Length: 66.67 m (218.7 ft)
Beam: 9.09 m (29.8 ft)
  • 6.36 m (20.9 ft),
  • 9.03 m (29.6 ft) deep load
Installed power: 2,483 shp (1,852 kW)
Propulsion: steam
Speed: 14.77 knots (27.35 km/h; 17.00 mph)
Complement: 100

KIS Guangjae (광제호,廣濟號) is the second battleship of the Korean Empire Armed Forces. It was operated by the Korean Empire. The first battleship, the KIS Yangmu, was inefficient for use in warfare as the ship was previously a cargo ship. The ship's captain was Sin Sun-seong, who studied naval science in Tokyo, Japan. The ship was forced to decommission by the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1905. It was finally used for transportation of coals from 1941 until Korea was freed from Japan.


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