Shaanxi KJ-500

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KJ-500 (cropped).jpg
Role Airborne early warning and control (AEW&C)
National origin China
Manufacturer Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation
Number built 17+[1]
Developed from Shaanxi Y-9

KJ-500 (Chinese: 空警-500; pinyin: Kōngjǐng Wǔbǎi; literally: "Airwarn-500") is the third generation Airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) system of Chinese. It was developed by Shaanxi Aircraft Corporation[2].


Since the beginning of the 21st century, the detection range and the accuracy of airborne radars has been increasing, the fighters equipped with various types of air-to-air missiles and low-altitude cruise missiles have posed a big threat to China's national security and complicated the battlefield environment. To address the above issues, China started the development of KJ-500, its third generation AEW&C, in the late of 2000s. KJ-500 was required to have three important features which are good discovery ability, good identification ability, and quick responsiveness. KJ-500 was also required to the core force of the informatized combat system, its equipped technology has four major characteristics which are networking, multi-functionalization, high-integration and light weight.[3] It seems that a handful of KJ-200 have become redundant after the commissioning of the more advanced KJ-500.


China People's Republic of China


Limited performance parameters of KJ-500 have been published as follows:[4]

  • Max speed (km/hr): 550
  • Max range (km): 5700
  • Max endurance (hr): 12
  • Max takeoff weight(tons): 77
  • Range against fighter sized targets (km): 470[5]


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