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KKK (disambiguation)

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The Ku Klux Klan is an American white supremacist group.

KKK may also refer to:


  • KKK Bosna (or Klizačko Koturaljski Klub Bosna), a skating club from Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Japan Foundation (Japanese: Kokusai Kōryū Kikin), a legal entity to undertake international dissemination of Japanese culture
  • Kalmykian Voluntary Cavalry Corps (romanized Russian: Kalmyk Kavallerie Korps), a group of volunteer soldiers during World War II
  • Kappa Kappa Kappa, a social fraternity at Dartmouth College
  • Tri Kappa, a women's philanthropic organization based in Indiana
  • Katipunan (with proper name Kataas-taasang, Kagalang-galangang Katipunan ng̃ mg̃á Anak ng̃ Bayan), a militant society that initiated the Philippine Revolution of 1896
  • Koma Komalen Kurdistan (Peoples' Confederation of Kurdistan or Democratic Confederation of Kurdistan)
  • Communist Party of Cyprus, known for a time by its Greek initials (kappa, kappa, kappa) for Κομμουνιστικού Κόμματος Κύπρου
  • Krümmel Nuclear Power Plant (German: Kernkraftwerk Krümmel), a nuclear power plant in Germany
  • Turkish Army Land Forces Command (Turkish: Kara Kuvvetleri Komutanlığı), a division of the Turkish Armed Forces


  • KKK, the Turkish airline AtlasGlobal (ICAO code)
  • AG Kühnle, Kopp & Kausch, a former turbine manufacturer from Germany, now a part of Colfax Corporation
  • K Market or KK Market or KKK Supermarket or KKKK Citymarket, former naming for markets in the chain of Kesko in Finland; the number of Ks denoted the size class of the market


Distinguish from

  • Kukulkan, a Mayan (Central American) god

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