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Traditional Chinese 快樂雞股份有限公司
Simplified Chinese 快乐鸡股份有限公司

KLG (Chinese: 快樂雞; pinyin: Kuàilèjī in Taiwan; referred to as Kuai Le Gee in Malaysia, meaning "Happy Chicken") is a fast food chain in Taiwan, headquartered in Fengyuan District, Taichung.[1]

It is a fast food restaurant chain in Malaysia, Taiwan, and mainland China, which has several similarities with KFC. The lettering of KLG adopted the same font and colour as KFC. KLG's logo depicts a plump chicken wearing a bow tie.

In Malaysia, there were several outlets in Ipoh, Penang (near Farlim) and Langkawi Island.

KLG's menu is relatively similar to that of KFC's in that fried chicken, french fries, chicken burgers and soft drinks are available in both restaurant chains.

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