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The Bendix/King KLN 90B is a panel-mounted, IFR-Approach Capable,[1] long-range, airborne navigation system used in mostly general aviation aircraft with the primary purpose of providing the pilot with position information (from GPS) and displaying guidance information with respect to a flight plan defined by the pilot. The predecessor KLN 90A was the first production GPS certified for IFR terminal and en route guidance by FAA.[2] It is able to provide instrument flight rules en route, terminal and non-precision approach using its unique three-inch “split screen” CRT display that shows a built-in moving map with graphics for airports and navaids.[3] These navigation aids are further supplemented with the use of a database cartridge from Jeppesen[4] that contains a vast amount of information concerning airports, VORs, NDBs,[clarification needed] intersections, and outer markers throughout the world.

The Bendix/King KLN-90B controller is almost always linked to a GPS antenna, and may also include connections to other flight instruments such as an external Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) or horizontal situation indicator (HSI), radio-magnetic indicator (RMI), fuel management system, air data system, ARTEX ELS-10 emergency locator transmitter (ELT), autopilot, and external annunciators.

Flight plan information is entered by the pilot via various knobs and buttons on the front panel. The display consists of a right and left page and a status line at the bottom of the display. The information on the left page is controlled by the concentric knobs on the left side of the unit and the information on the right page is controlled by the concentric knobs on the right side of the unit. Present position information can be displayed on the unit's cathode ray tube (CRT) or can be displayed on a separate EFIS or radar graphics unit.


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