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The KNVB District Cup (Dutch: Districtsbeker) is a cup competition for amateur football clubs in the Netherlands. The competition is held in each of the six districts of the Royal Dutch Football Association. The winners of the six cup competitions contest the KNVB Amateur Cup. All the semifinalists (24 teams in total) qualify for next year's KNVB Cup.


The cup competition, which started in the 1959-1960 season, initially saw a separation between Saturday clubs and Sunday clubs, who played in separate cup competitions. This separation was abolished in 1980; Saturday clubs and Sunday clubs from one district now play for the one cup of that district.

The reserve teams of professional football clubs played in the District Cup competitions until 1997, when the KNVB Reserve Cup was established.

In order to minimize the number of match days, between 2003 and 2006 the final eight teams in the district cups were divided into two groups. They played each other in group matches of 2 halves of 20 minutes, with all group matches played on the same day. The winners of the two groups qualified for the final.

Recent winners[edit]

Year North East West I West II South I South II
2001-02 Joure De Bataven FC Hilversum TONEGIDO Geldrop EVV
2002-03 Genemuiden VVOG IJsselmeervogels TONEGIDO UNA VV Eijsden
2003-04 Sneek Bennekom Sporting Maroc Ter Leede DBS Meerssen
2004-05 Genemuiden HSC '21 Ajax Amateurs Excelsior Maassluis Triborgh Gemert
2005-06 Harkemase Boys WHC GVVV Rijnsburgse Boys ASWH EVV
2006-07 Harkemase Boys Bennekom Türkiyemspor Lisse UNA Meerssen
2007-08 Hoogeveen Achilles '29 Ajax Amateurs Rijnsburgse Boys Unitas Gemert
2008-09 Harkemase Boys Go Ahead Kampen DOVO Barendrecht LRC Leerdam RKSV Groene Ster
2009-10 SWZ HSC '21 DOVO Voorschoten '97 Dongen SV Deurne
2010-11 Harkemase Boys Achilles'29 ODIN '59 FC Lisse UNA JVC Cuijk
2011-12 SC Genemuiden HHC Hardenberg FC Chabab Leonidas Kozakken Boys Gemert
2012-13 Harkemase Boys De Treffers Argon Capelle HSV Hoek SV Deurne
2013-14 ONS Sneek VV De Bataven IJsselmeervogels VV Capelle ASWH JVC Cuijk
2014-15 Harkemase Boys Excelsior '31 IJsselmeervogels RKAVV HSV Hoek JVC Cuijk

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