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KOA Corporation (Japanese: コーア株式会社, Kōa kabushiki kaisha; TYO: 6999) is a Japanese electronic passive components supplier founded in 1940 in Tokyo and is based in Ina, Nagano, in the Nagano Prefecture.

KOA is one of the largest manufacturers of SMD resistors worldwide. The range of products covers Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (LTCC), Resistors, Temperature Sensors, Inductors, Fuses and Varistors.

KOA employs 3,600 worldwide, with 1,100 employees in Japan. Twenty-six production facilities are located across Japan, China, Taiwan and Malaysia with distribution and sales locations in the US, Germany, China and Singapore.


  • 1940 KOA Founded in Ina Valley, Japan
  • 1966 New location in Taipei Taiwan 大興電工股份有限公司
  • 1973 New location in Malacca Malaysia
  • 1980 Established KOA Speer in Bradford Pennsylvania USA
  • 1981 New location in Singapore
  • 1986 New location in Kaohsiung Taiwan
  • 1992 New location in China
  • 1993 New location in Hong Kong
  • 1995 New location in Germany Europe
  • 1996 KOA Corp. Obtains ISO 9001
  • 1998 KOA Corp. Obtains QS 9000
  • 2000 New location in Shanghai
  • 2001 KOA Acquired company TAMA
  • 2003 KOA Corp. Obtains TS16949

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