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KP-SAM Shingung
Type Manportable surface-to-air missile MANPADS
Place of origin South Korea
Service history
In service Late 2005
Used by See Operators
Production history
Designer Agency for Defense Development
Manufacturer LIG Nex1
Produced 1995 - 2004
No. built 2000
24.3 kg (System)
Length 1.68m
Diameter 80 mm
Crew 2 (If based from a tripod), 1 (If held)

Effective firing range 7 km
Maximum firing range 7 km
Warhead weight 2.5 kg

Engine Solid fuel rocket
Infrared homing

The KP-SAM Shin-Gung or Shin-Kung (Korean: hangul: 신궁, hanja: 新弓) is a South Korean shoulder-launched surface-to-air missile manufactured by LIG Nex1. It is marketed internationally as the Chiron.[1]


The Shin-Gung was created to protect ROK troops in the forward area, which started in 1995 under the direction of LIG Nex1.[2] In late 2003, the delivery of the Igla SAMs from Russia in payment for Russian debts to Korea appear to have solved the problem momentarily.[3] The KP-SAM began production in 2004 with extended trials in early 2005.[2] In late 2005, the KP-SAM Shingung entered service with the South Korean Army, after being in development for nearly 8 years.[3] The South Korean Army has ordered some 2000 units to be delivered in the near future.[3]


While the missile system externally resembles a French Mistral system, the entire missile system including the seeker, control section, warhead and motor were developed and manufactured in South Korea.[2][3] The missile features integrated IFF systems, night and adverse weather capabilities, a two-colour (IR/UV) infrared seeker to aid in negating infrared countermeasures (IRCM) and a proximity-fuse warhead. During development tests the missile scored a 90% hit ratio.

According to Agency for Defense Development officials, the missile is superior to the American FIM-92 Stinger or the French Mistral in hit probability, price and portability.[4] It had been involved in a missile test where the Shingung's missile made impact on a low-flying target as high as 3.5 kilometers with a speed of 697.5 m/s (more than Mach 2.36)[5] and a distance range of 7 km.[1]


Map with Chrion operators in blue

Current operators[edit]


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